by Nedi Safa and Matt B.F.A

A Success Story told like no other

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Do you struggle to understand how your autistic child feels and why they do the things they do?

Are you desperate to know if you're doing the right things and what the future holds?

This is the ONLY book told by a mother and son talking to each other.

Parents of Autistic children everywhere struggle desperately, often not knowing how their children feel, and wondering if they’re doing the right things for their child. Told from two points of view, mother, and son, this unique dialog will be invaluable.

At the age of 3, Matt’s mom was told that he would never learn to read more than the two words “Danger” and “Exit”. They were wrong.

Matt is now a college graduate and winner of the Temple Grandin Award for outstanding achievement by a person with Autism. He works and drives and lives independently. He and his mother have together told their struggles and success story: What worked, what didn’t, and how EACH of them felt at the time.

They had parallel but different views. They don’t always agree, but they each speak from the heart from their own perspective.

Matt and his mom discuss their long hard journey through medication, acupuncture, sensory integration, vision training and other therapies as well as school, family, divorces, love, and life.


This book, this double autobiography of Autism, inside and out, will inspire and help parents and give a voice to their children’s experience and needs.

Candid, funny, heartwarming and wise – this book is of interest to anyone who is interested in what it takes to succeed and flourish happily.

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Get the Book, eBook, and Audiobook