We'd love for you to read our memoir, "Inside & Out", and share it with someone who needs hope and perspective.

-Nedi Safa and Matt

Nedi's song about Autism:



So many people asked us to write a book and here it is, click here


Matt's hand-drawn cartoon about self-acceptance and being loved:



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Age 3 – Matt is diagnosed with Autism and transferred to a county school because the city has no classroom that can handle his behavior. The teacher there tells Matt's mom that by the time he's eighteen they will only manage to teach him to read the two words "Danger" and "Exit".

Matt's mom remained undeterred and with love and full acceptance of him AS HE IS continued treatments, always being sensitive to his mood and tolerance levels. Exploring alternatives, she added sensory integration, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and vision training.

Age 28 – Matt completes a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree. Matt is a happy, intelligent, independent adult that Nedi doesn't have to worry about; and the book is an honest, moving, and sometimes funny conversation about how we eventually got here together.

Matt and his mom, Nedi, have given several talks to parents – Matt can explain what it was like when he had very little language and the world was such a frightening place.

Inside & Out - Is the book made out of the many conversations they had about everything from acupuncture to dating. They had different experiences and different perspectives. In making the book, they came to understand their past, and each other, a little better.