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Sharing the Diagnosis with Your Child

posted Sep 14, 2017, 4:48 PM by Autism Success Story   [ updated Sep 14, 2017, 4:49 PM ]
Autism Success Story - Sharing the Diagnosis with Your Child
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Sharing the Diagnosis with Your Child

Matt: All right. What is this next chapter?

Nedi: Sharing the diagnosis with your child.

Matt: (Long exhale)

Nedi: This is not easy. It has to be done right. …

…Nedi: (Laughs) Let me tell you how I see it. Every brain is different. Sometimes, and it’s usually when a person is having trouble in an area of their life significantly with school or otherwise, people will group together symptoms and say “Okay, we’ll call this autism,” or “We’ll call this schizophrenia,” which is mental illness. It’s not a developmental disability.

Matt: It made it more fun when I found out later that I was called brain damaged as a kid at an early age. I thought, “All right. Throw another name on the pile.”

Nedi: Let me finish. I think that we can’t communicate to our kids enough that every brain is different. Look how your brother likes this. Look how this person likes math. Look how this person can’t get enough of music.

Matt: Look at how much of a jerk that person is no matter how much money he makes….

…Nedi: So this is what I have to say. Every brain is different. For some differences we have names. One day everybody will have a diagnosis. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. It’s not clear-cut either.

Matt: Everyone will have three diagnoses, let’s face it.

Nedi: It’s not clear cut.

Matt: Explanations in terms of names. It’s not really an explanation. It’s just adding a name to something.

Nedi: Yes, it’s making a category, making a label out of something that isn’t a label.

Matt: Reality is what it is and whatever we call it, it’s still what it is.

Nedi: You were always Matt and you will always be Matt. The diagnosis is just a word and the purpose of it is to get access to services that had been delineated: “This program is open to people with autism along the autistic spectrum.”

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