Frequently Asked Questions - a postscript to our double memoir 

What is Autism?
My child has been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. What does that mean?
What’s the first thing I should do?
How do I get more information?
How can I help my child?
Will he be like this for his entire life?
What therapies are useful?
Should I try alternative approaches?
How will this affect my marriage?
How will this affect my other children?
Can girls have autism?
What is the difference between Autism, PDD-NOS, and Asperger’s?
What causes Autism?
Does bad parenting cause Autism?
Do vaccines cause Autism?
Why do so many people blame vaccines for Autism?
Why does my child have meltdowns?
What is the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown?
Why does my child hate haircuts?
Why does my child often meltdown in public?
How should I handle a meltdown?
How should I handle criticism of my parenting?
Why does my child hurt himself?
What can help my child sleep at night?
How can I help my child be clean?
Why does my child only eat a few foods?
What about going to school?
Are there special schools for Autism?
Will my child grow out of Autism?
What role does nutrition play?
How early can you tell that your child might have autism?
Is Autism genetic?
Is Autism curable?
Does autism get worse?
What therapies are usually prescribed?
Is there a genetic test for Autism?
Are there medical tests for Autism?
Are there medicines that help Autism?
Who can help me get the therapies I need for my child?
How do I manage my own stress?
How can I keep my family happy and together?
How can government services help me?
What is sensory overload?
What about traditional Chinese medicine?
What about the Anat Baniel method?
What is ABA?
Will my child ever have friends?
Will my child ever get married?
Will my child ever work at a job?
Will my child ever live independently?
What online resources are valuable and trustworthy?
What professionals can help me?
What can I do to get a break for myself and get away?
What are some of the earliest signs of Autism?
Does Autism run in families?
Does everyone with autism have special abilities?
What is an Autistic Savant?
What is Occupational Therapy?
What physical problems might a child on the spectrum have?
Who is Temple Grandin?
What is the relationship between A.D.D. and Autism?
Is autism a mental illness?
Is autism Mental Retardation?
What is a Developmental Disability?
What is the DSM Book?
How can friends and family help?
Do children on the spectrum get bullied?
How do I evaluate a new therapy for my child?
Do children die from Autism?
Why are there more Autistic people than before?
What is Executive Function?
Why is my child clumsy?
Why are autistic children so different from each other?
Will my child end up in an institution?
Does my child feel love?
Will my child ever be normal?
Who are some famous people that may have had Autism?
Will our family life ever be normal?
Are those with disabilities guaranteed certain rights?
Should I give my child vitamins?
Should I ignore his meltdowns?
How do I teach babysitters and grandparents to deal with meltdowns?
Is my child with Autism lonely?
Should I get a pet for my child?
Should I let my child pursue his hobby?
What kind of jobs do people with Autism get?
What is High-functioning?
What is the best-case scenario?
What is the worst-case scenario?
Does the brain continue to develop and adapt?
Why does my child flap his hands or rock?
What is stimming?
Should I stop my child’s stimming?
Is there a relationship between Autism and violence?
What is Eloping?
What is imaginative play?
How can I make my child safe from strangers?
How can I meet other parents in my situation?
What are the most important things for me to remember?
How can I keep hope?